Power Outage Related Questions

Q: Do I need to do anything if the power goes out for enough time that my keypad says "Failure to Communicate" or "FC"?

A: Yes, you need to perform a system test.

Q: How do I do a system test?

A: To perform a system test, call the Monitoring Station at (206) 232-5507 and tell them your name, account number, and password. Inform them you are going to test your system and you will call back when the test is completed.

Then, do the following:

  1. Arm your system like when you are going to leave
  2. Open and close your entry/exit door but do not leave
  3. Stand by the keypad until your system arms (solid red light)
  4. Walk further in the house and intentionally trip the alarm (do not open the entry/exit door after arming)
  5. Wait 15 seconds and disarm alarm by entering code
  6. After alarm is off, enter the code again. This should clear your keypad
  7. Call Monitoring Station back and ask them if they received a signal. If they did, tell them that the test is completed.

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