Helpful Security Tips

Most residential burglaries occur during the daylight hours when the home is unoccupied. By following some simples procedures and making them part of your daily security program, you will reduce your exposure and perhaps minimize the probability of becoming just another crime statistic.

occupied appearance

Make certain your home appears occupied at all times since most burglars have no interest in meeting their victims. Most burglars are opportunists in that they cruise neighborhoods looking for obvious vacant homes - KEEP YOUR HOME LOOKING OCCUPIED!

names and addresses

Never have your name proudly displayed on signs and mailboxes since simply knowing your name is the beiginning of possible compromises in your security. You should also consider removing your address from the phone book since most people wanting your address will phone you or get it from another friend - OMIT NAMES AND ADDRESSES!

referral services

Try to use only those service people or companies that come strongly referred by close friends. Never engage in idle conversation about vacations, antiques, minor children, etc. - PRACTICE NEED TO KNOW!


Have a friend or neighbor pick up your newspaper, in a timely manner. If the paper remains in the driveway until 9 or 10 in the evening, you are asking for a break0in udring the second most active period of the day(7-10pm) - GET THOSE PAPERS UP!

debris and mail

Make arrangements for placing debris in the service cans so that the collection agency has no reason to suspect that you are away from home. Be certain that your mail, if left on daily delivery, is picked up as soon as possible after delivery since mail lingering in the box is a sign that no one is home - DEBRIS IN CANS AND TIMELY MAIL PICK UP!

checks and keyrings

Use ONLY names and phone numbers on keyrings for obvious reasons at parking lots, car washes and service garages. Be descrete when filling out personal checks when standing in grocery lines, etc. - DON'T GIVE THE WRONG PEOPLE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS!

lawn serviced

Unkept lawn or grounds is an indication that the homeowner is away from home and made no provision for even an occasional visit from a serviceperson or company - KEEP ROUTINE MAINTENANCE OUTSIDE!