battery related Questions

Q: How do I stop the low battery beeping sound?

A: Security Code + burglar-alarm-seattme+ Security Code + burglar-alarm-renton

Q: After replacing your battery/batteries, what should I do?

A: Reset the system by entering,

security Code +burglar-alarm-seattle + Security Code + alarm-system-seattle

Q: What kind of battery do I need to replace the battery in my panel?

A: 12v 4ah ( Radioshack, Fry's Electronics )

Q: What kind of battery do I need to replace the battery in the motion detectors?

A: Motion detectors are going to take a 6v battery. Most take 2 although there are some that take more. Carefully open your motion detectors cover to verify the battery you will need.

Q: How will I know if my batteries are low?

A: The keypad will display the zone number as well as battery.

Changing a battery in a 5800 Micra Contact

Changing a battery in a 5816 Contact

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